Technical Partners

“Our Technical Partners and Affiliates”

We work with our technical partners on projects which require specialised technical expertise, including:

Prof. Lawrence B. Conyers (Ground-penetrating radar/geophysical investigations) –  ( Prof. Lawrence (Larry) Conyers is a leading world GPR expert He is a professor at the University of Denver (Department of Anthropology) who has been the principal investigator of projects in Australia and around the world, and recently headed the Mapoon Mission Cemetery in northern Queensland using GPR, magnetics, low altitude photos and GIS mapping.  Prof. Conyers is also the author of multiple books on GPR with the most recent publications being: 2013. Ground Penetrating Radar for Archaeology 3rd Edition (Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Alta Mira Press, Latham, Maryland); and 2012. Interpreting Ground Penetrating Radar for Archaeology (Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, Califormia). Prof. Conyers is also well published in reputable archaeological, geophysical and engineering, and geo-archaeological journals and editorials. Prof. Conyers has been the subject of documentaries produced by Discovery channel and articles in National Geographic.  Prof. Conyers has an established working relationship with Virtus Heritage and partners on GPR projects, involving archaeological expertise, Aboriginal consultation, oral history with Elders and archival research.

Prof. Nigel Spooner (OSL Dating) – Dr Nigel Spooner has a PhD in the development of Luminescence dating methods and has decades of experience, being recognised as a world leader in the refinement and application of these techniques. Dr Spooner established the Luminescence Dating Laboratory at the ANU during the 1990s and is now Adjunct Professor at Adelaide University where he heads the Environmental Luminescence Group. He is widely published with dozens of academic articles and frequently garners media attention for his work. Dr Spooner is an expert in Single-grain OSL dating and has worked on numerous archaeological projects, providing accurate dates for sites in Australia (and elsewhere), and is particularly versed in the dating of Pleistocene aged sand sheet sites.

Bianca Petruzzelli (Faunal Identification and Analysis) – Bianca is completing her PhD at Flinders University of South Australia. Her work is focused on an investigation of diet and mobility from the bone chemistry of early South American populations at the central Chilean site of Fénix. Her research project assesses changes and/or continuities in the diet and mobility of the Fénix populations, using stable carbon, nitrogen and strontium isotope analyses. Bianca’s project is part of an international and interdisciplinary research group that looks at prehistoric human resource and landscape use in changing environments. Professionally Bianca has been employed for the last five years as an archaeological contract consultant across Australia, primarily focusing on Aboriginal archaeology. Her skills and expertise in the field relate to artefact identification, site identification and recording, excavation, and skeletal analysis. Bianca’s expertise also extends to lab work, including faunal analysis and bone collagen extraction for stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analyses.

James Philips (Heritage Architecture) – James graduated in architecture from the University of New South Wales and has a master’s degree with honours in heritage conservation from Sydney University.  He worked for Daryl Jackson on the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and Flower and Coutts on a number of housing projects for both the Defence Housing Authority and Anglican Retirement Villages.  He is a principal for the architectural firm Weir + Phillips and is an accredited Heritage Consultant with the Heritage Division, NSW.  James work covers a number of disciplines including issues to do with plannig law, code compliance (BCA, AS 1428 etc.) and building design and construction.  This experience can be extremely helpful when dealing with complex heritage issues in a practical manner.

Dr Gilbert Price (Palaeontologist) Gilbert is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in palaeontology at The University of Queensland He obtained his Ph.D. in Palaeoecology from Queensland University of Technology in 2006 and his projects have spanned a wide breadth of distinctive research fields that include palaeoecology, geochronology, zoology and modern conservation. . Dr Gilbert Price is an expert in the field of both extinct and extant Australian faunal identification and he is especially focused on developing key datasets with which to test hypotheses concerning the extinction of Australia’s Pleistocene megafauna.;